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Protect your school or university with licensed and insured security guards.

Campus security is an essential service for any school or university. With an unfortunate rise in violence on campus, having security guards who have your back can provide an immense sense of relief to students and staff.

  • Relieve Concern of Parents & Students During the beginning of the year, as parents send their kids to school or off to university, knowing that if anything happens a security official will be there to respond can provide immense assurance to parents whose top priority is their kid’s safety. 

  • Helps Prevent Violence – With a team of security guards in place, a university can prevent fights amongst the student body when it counts most. Sexual harassment and violent crimes need to be tempered with extra eyes, which campus security offers. Being able to respond right away to these situations is absolutely vital.

  • School Event Protection – Whether for a school dance or for a weekend event, things can get out of hand. It’s always a good idea to have security patrol your campus as a preventative measure and will limit bad behavior like intoxication, selling drugs, violence, and more. When students understand that they can’t get away with small things, they are less likely to commit them in the future. 

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