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Get world-class bodyguard services from our team of insured and licensed security guards

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Executive protection is an essential service for politicians, celebrities, and anyone who needs an armed guard to apply maximum security measures. Here are a variety of people who may require executive protection services: 

  • CEOs who has made a recent controversial public move that might outrage the public or staff, including mass layoffs, or by addressing corporate crimes

  • Money & Valuables Handler – If you are recently handling certain prized possessions or a large sum of money, a bodyguard to stand watch and make sure you are not harmed or your possessions are stolen.

  • Targets of Attention – if you have won the lottery, witnesses a crime, a sudden increase in attention may bring you to hire a bodyguard to maintain some peace of mind.

  • Divorcees or victims of domestic abuse – After a recent incident or separation, you may feel unsafe. When emotions are high, threats can be made, which is why having a bodyguard can bring a strong sense of security.

  • Wealthy individuals – Having the biggest house on the block or being known for your riches can bring unwanted attention. Hiring an armed security guard can be helpful in these situations for night watch or escort services. 

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