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Protect your business from theft and deter crime with vigilant security guards.

Safeguarding your retail store makes not only sense in terms of security, but also financial sense. Every year about $50 billion dollars of merchandise is stolen according to the National Retail Federation. Having security guards at your store also provides the following benefits:

  • Reduced Employee Theft: with vigilant supervision, you can have eyes on your store during business hours or even after hours,  which can be helpful if you have a suspicion of an employee who is stealing from your business and needs to be confirmed or denied.

  • Better Customer Service – Having a faithful guard to keep watch of your retail store provides a sense of security for customers and actually improves the customer experience. If a customer has a concern about their safety, especially in stores that sell firearms, security staff can even be essential.

  • Reduced Violent Crimes – Having a security presence at your store alone presents a stumbling block for potential crime. With armed or unarmed supervision of the store, you can depend on your guards to prevent many crimes from occurring and to take action when they do. 

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