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Basic Handgun Training

Most armed guards will opt to carry a handgun since it is more compact and easily concealed than a rifle. In basic handgun training, we will cover weapon safety, weapon retention, and relevant state and federal laws regarding carrying a firearm. We will also spend some time on the range for target practice and drills. We encourage you to bring your own weapon and ammo to get comfortable using and securely carrying it.


Basic Rifle Training

Basic rifle training will cover similar topics to handgun training, including weapon safety and retention. Different laws govern handguns and rifles, so we will cover relevant legal considerations for your chosen weapon. We’ll also review the parts of your rifle, loading and unloading, and how to securely carry your gun before hitting the range for hands-on training.


Intermediate Rifle Training

Cost: $300 Per Student:

Discounts: U.S. Military (Active, Reserve, Retired, or Veterans), Law Enforcement, Fire/EMS, and Bellator Defense Employees

Payment: All student fees must be paid in full before the start of class.

Registration: All interested students MUST contact the instructor at least a week prior to an upcoming class. This is to ensure a spot is available, and make sure this class is a good fit for you.

All students must be at least 18 years of age, and complete a training waiver.

Classes are capped at 6 students. And a minimum of 3 registered students is required in order to run the class.

Students are expected to show up for their class on time, with all required items on the packing list below.

Mission Statement: Demonstrate to Students the Safe, Efficient, Effective, and Ethical usage of a Semi-Automatic Rifle.

Coach students to achieve a high standard of proficiency with their firearm.

Training Objectives:

All Students MUST demonstrate a high degree of firearm safety and handling in order to attend, participate, and complete this course.

Course Overview:

Period of instruction on gun handling. (loading/reloading, marksmanship fundamentals etc)

Students will understand how to perform a function check of their firearm.

This course will detail the “Why” of Targets and keeping score. Students will keep data on their own progression through the scoring of targets, recording of times, and competing against fellow students to assist each other to achieve a high standard of performance.

This course will provide an overview of Rifle controls, and basic shooting mechanics.

Students will be taught the importance of accuracy, mechanical offset, and finding and knowing their holds at different distances.

Students will receive instruction on zeroing and the shot process.

Shooting from various standing, kneeling, and prone positions.

Shooting on the move.

Shooting multiple targets.

Coaching at the individual student level to assess and improve each students ability to use their firearm and equipment efficiently and effectively.

Rifle Class Mandatory Student Gear List:

  • A positive attitude, a sincere desire to learn, and an open mind.

  • 2x Black Sharpie Markers

  • A Rifle Case or Bag

  • At least one reliable AR15 or similar firearm* with ZEROED optic/optics and or iron sights. (*MCX, SCAR, AK, ARX160, Bren2 etc).

  • A Rifle cleaning rod (to punch out a stuck case)

  • Gun Oil/Grease/Lube.

  • Shooting Gloves (Mechanix, Gorilla Gloves etc)

  • A quality 2 point adjustable sling. (Blue Force Gear, SOB, Magpul, Spiritus etc.)

  • 250 rounds of ammunition. (No Tracer, Incendiary, Explosive, or Armor Piercing Ammo allowed anywhere on the range)

  • 5x pre- loaded, reliable standard capacity magazines. (USGI, PMAGS, Surefeeds, Duramags, Lancers. If you’re not sure about whether your mags are approved, please call)

  • A single or double rifle magazine pouch attached to your belt.

  • Electronic Hearing Protection (Howard Leight, Walker Razors, MSA, Peltor etc.)

  • Eye protection (bring both clear and dark lenses)

  • 1x TCCC approved Tourniquet along with body worn Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) this is for YOU if YOU are injured!

  • Pants belt (To keep your pants up, mag pouch, Tourniquet, and first aid pouch attached to)

  • Long Sleeve Collared Shirt and Long Pants with belt loops. (There’s very little shade on the range.

  • Ball Cap

  • Any necessary weather appropriate clothing (Wind, Rain, Snow, Sun, Heat, Cold)

  • Sunscreen and Chapstick.

  • Water, Coffee, Food, Snacks etc. (We will take a 30 minute lunch break)

Optional Student Course Packing List:

  • Hand warmers if class is held during cold weather.

  • Shooting mat

  • Spotting Scope or Binoculars

  • Bipod

  • Knee and elbow pads

  • Spare parts and tools to fix guns

  • An Extra Rifle

  • Spare batteries for optics and ear pro

  • Cooler

  • Folding chair

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